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It is impossible to reach the (Y éx X) generation in the traditional media, they almost exclusively follow exciting YouTube and Instagram personalities. But nowadays, even the more elderly are getting information in a quite different manner. In addition to the opportunities, there are many pitfalls of influencer marketing so that even a single mistake can destroy your brand. But not with us. We do not perform “well-presented fake projects" but create real successes. We are not Instagram agents, but marketing strategists. We develop concepts with you and with micro-influencers or 'A' category celebrities, whichever is the right solution. If necessary, we will also take part in the production of the content. We support you with the most comprehensive advertising solutions on the local and international markets, not yet applied by others. We reach the 30-40+ target groups as well in almost every business sectors, both for product and company brands. Contact us, now!