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The path is also important, not only the results

Our vision is different from the usual. We do not fight solely for growth as it is important for us to be comfortable with each other and with our customers. Everything we do is based on hard work:
“With professionally ambitious customers, employees and concepts we follow the path of communication success as part of an international network for our deserving clients as one of the most attractive, most respected, boutique marketing and PR consultancies in the market.

When it was taught that something was impossible, we were not present.

Our first, unforgettable rented residence on Gül Baba street.

With a cohesive, stable team, constructive debates, great brainstorming, surrounded by chocolates and biscuits, sausages, beer and coffee. At times on the floor too… Wine tasting, playing pool, cake hunt together, working from the beach. Cozy atmosphere, constant learning, nearly always good mood. Free from unnecessary noises and battles and as sincere as possible. Not big, but not small. Just fast and cost-effective. We hope, it will remain like this. We hope, you’d like such a team for yourselves, too.

Our new, own, Óbuda office with lots of cookies …


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Your CV is always welcome, you never know, when we will be ”seduced” by your talent, achievements and ambitions.

What is ArvaliCom like?
It’s cool, but demanding, vibrating and fun, but sometimes silent and focused. Stressed, but at a manageable level. Remote work welcome. We know that your puppy and privacy are important to you (but there is a lot to do here, sorry :))!
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Karvalics Attila





In the 1990s as publisher-editor-in-chief he transformed Invest In Hungary, the English-language business magazine into a market leader. He followed that by building the external and internal communications system of Dreher Breweries Ltd. and worked as Coca-Cola's Communications and Public Affairs Director. He was National President of JCI Hungary, an international organization for young professionals. He earned a full time MBA degree at the Rotterdam School of Management. Later, he became MOL Group's Head of strategic communications and corporate marketing, a position followed by serving as Weber Shandwick's Central European deputy MD, where he supported the communication and public affairs activities of Samsung, Telenor, Nespresso, Haagen Dazs, Goodyear, DUNAFERR, Antenna Hungária and Universal Channel. He started ArvaliCom in 2012. helping customers such as Columbia Sportswear, Rentasystem, DAIKIN, CARDO, SEIKO or BASF.





Life always begins where it stands right now ... Feelings and intuitions are important for him in addition to its usual common sense approach. He measures career success by how he feels himself at a particular workplace, while meaning of life is measured by those moments that touch him intellectually or spiritually. He has led an international youth organization, played football professionally, read a lot and he has been in nearly 80 countries. He lived in Germany, the Netherlands and Brazil. He has travelled all around South America alone and tried everything he could. Today, he has transformed from an adventurer to an “adventure-consultant”, but his serious friendship with wines, special foods, deep thoughts and relationships, sci-fi and historical films, remain constant.

Bender Krisztina





She graduated in tourism, Business College of Commerce, Catering and Tourism, then in the Marketing faculty at the University of Economics. She began her communication career at the McCann Erickson Advertising Agency, and after nearly 3 years she turned to PR, joining Weber Shandwick and then ArvaliCom as an Account Manager. Meanwhile, she completed her degree in political sciences and economics. During her 15 years of PR experience, she has been involved in several domestic and international, SME and multinational company campaigns, including brands such as Universal Channel, WorkForce, Harley Davidson, Sága, Nespresso, Columbia Sportswear, Rentasystem or BASF. She has been involved in nearly all industries.





She believes that it is just as important to love your work, like your workplace, since it does matter, "whose face we stare at all day." Dance is an integral part of her life, she is a great bookworm and she sometimes philosophises on great things. She loves people and loves to have big conversations and help others. It is difficult for her to tolerate injustice or inhumane manifestations.

Balogh Tamás





Graduated from Commerce and Marketing at the College of Modern Business Sciences. He began his career as a salesman, but his interest quickly turned to the digital world and then launched a company with his friends focusing on web development and online marketing. Over time he wanted to be involved in more complex communication challenges, so he decided to start a new life at ArvaliCom. During a 10-year career, he managed digital projects for almost every sector for both, smaller and larger clients (Scitec Nutrition, Walmark, Sarantis Group, Cardo, SEIKO, Work Force etc.). He is a relaxed and easygoing person with everyone, be it a multinational leader, an enterpreneur or a plastic surgeon





He shares the concept of “Healthy soul in a healthy body”, meaning that physical exercise is just as important for him as attending smaller and bigger electronic music events with friends in Hungary or abroad. In his happiest hours he loves reading about the world in a quiet corner or his home or deal with the big issues of life, or Asian movies. He likes to meditate, staring simply in a single direction for long periods of time. His favorite color is black. He does not particularly like limitations, Maximizing his sense of freedom is a top priority for him, an intention perfectly served by the ArvaliCom culture.

Dr. Popovics Rita





She was graduated as a lawyer, but soon after she realized that she had a stronger interest in creative professions. So, it is no surprise that she joined ArvaliCom three years ago. She was the „Mother of the Office” for while, then replaced this role by becoming social media content creator.





What is important for her? To make her home more homey. Her family, friends and dog and the beauty industry. This latter one is her new hobby and part time job as well. Make-up, 3D lashes and hairstyling? She has a natural talent in all these. In addition, good movies, theatre performances, excursions and cooking make her day, when she has some time for them.

Pacsa Attila





He has been involved in SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook and Google Analytics since 2007. He was responsible for the optimization and SEO refinement of hundreds of websites. He likes to train young talents based on individual needs.





Family, with a new-born baby…

Ress Alexandra Héla





Héla has a BA in Communications and Media Studies and she is studíing for a Masters currently. She has been becoming an excellent PR professional from an excellent student. Got several awards during her studies including the rare Scholarship of the Hungarian Republic or the Minerva Agriensis and the Women for the Science awards or the Story of the Year award. She is doing reserach work, writes content, makes reports and supports online marketing campaigns and events.





She finds values learnt from her childhood very important. She thinks that perseverance, diligence, and humility help people achieve anything they want in life. She wants to find the Good in everything and looks at the world positively. She thinks that if she is able to imagine something with her mind and believe it with her heart, then she will be able to achieve it as well. She likes to understand things, loves books, and also movies that remain in her mind for a few days. She has a strong desire to travel, to see the world, to learn from other cultures and people. Deep, meaningful conversations are the ones that really matter to her. She is a great friend of animals.

Hajnal Sára Anna





She started her career in 2016-ban as a beauty consultant at The Body Shop Company. After 6 months, she took over the leadership at the Make-up division. She supervised sales campaigns and the creation of social media content, resulting in spectacular growth for the division. She follows the latest visual, design and beauty trends. Visual concepts and harmony are very important for her. She contributed to creating graphic design for an AirSoft gaming series in 2018. She considers ArvaliCom not only as an agency, but more like a creative workshop, where people are continually inspired by new energies. The energies gained by her are now transferred to different client projects, graphic design tasks, administrative and influencer operations supported within ArvaliGroup.





In her life, harmony and self-development are crucially important for her. This endeavour is backed by morning yoga and any creative processes be it digital or an offline project. She loves indulging in literature and self development courses during her rare relaxed afternoons. Being a backpacker is a hobby and a challenge for her at the same time, until now only in Europe.

Lengyel Krisztina





Graduated as a dietititian, she started her carreer as a pharmaceutical sales representative at Richter Gedeon Nyrt.. She got into the world of data, Excels and reports in 2013, when she undertook to build out the administration system for the International JIAIDO Association in Hungary. She has been working as a financial assistant and office manager since 2016. Building and updating websites, editing newsletters, social media content or smaller videos became a daily routine for her as well as ensuring that administration is smooth within the organization. In her new role at ArvaliCom, she has the very same responsibility.





When she is able to get rid off her computer monitor, you’ll find her in the nature. She has been beekeeping for a few years, which has transformed her relations not only to bees but to bugs and many other things ingeneral, too ?. Her everyday relaxation and self-development is backed by practicing Jiaido movement meditation



Address: 1036 Budapest, Lajos u. 74-76. Fsz. 4.